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Index of research-based SPIRITUAL TOOLS

These tools provide options for cultivating Connectedness. The list is still growing, so if you are interested in receiving updates, sign up by email.

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Box Breathing


Just Breathe - hand-lettered over beach sunset
Conscious Breathing


Let yourself live and be in each moment with each person, learning each lesson along the way. Destiny isn't someplace we go. Destiny is where we are. - Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart
Daily Affirmations
Dirga Breath (Three-Part Breath). The Dirga breath involves a three-part inhale through the nose: 1) Deeply into the abdomen, feeling your diaphragm lower and belly expand outward. 2) Into the rib cage, allowing the front, side, and back of your ribs to expand outward. 3) Into the upper chest, so that your collarbones expand upward. The exhale then moves through these three parts in reverse, also through the nose.
Dirga Breath (Three-Part Breath)


Candy Hearts
Giving Love
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. - Melody Beattie


Horizontal card with cut out
Homemade Cards


Hand Lettered
A Ripple Effect of Love (Love, Love, Love)
Inside the Parish Church of St. Mang ( Stadtpfarrkirche St. Mang), Fussen, Germany
Religious and Spiritual Communities
Appreciate the beauty in the cracks. -Brené Brown
Relinquishing Perfectionism


Blooming flower in front of Harvard Divinity School
Smell the Flowers


"We Are Nature"
We are Nature: Connectedness + Climate Change